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ICC Trophy Whitetail Ranch
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Kemp, TX 75143

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ICC Trophy Whitetail Ranch
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Hunting is not only a passion, but a way of life for us.  From the East Texas thickets to the south Texas brush country, I have hunted all my life. I passed this tradition on to both my son and daughter and all of the grandkids. As a retired Dallas firefighter for 33 years, I am now enjoying the benefits of passing our American heritage of the hunt down to the younger generation.

I have had the opportunity to hunt elk in Colorado while packing in on mule.   This takes months of detail planning and preparation to execute such a hunt.  With that being said, I know there are many of you who do not have time to prepare, plan and execute your own hunt.  That is where I hope you will let ICC Trophy Whitetail help you make your hunting experience less stressful and fully turnkey. From the moment you arrive, we cater to your hunting style, bow or rifle, and strive to stay within your desired budget.

So come see for yourself what hunting in the east Texas oak timber is all about.  Get out before the dawn and experience the beauty of nature awakening while you wait on that trophy buck to walk up. An experience any boy never gets enough of, no matter the age!

We warmly invite you to the ICC Trophy Whitetail Ranch where you will thoroughly enjoy a true Texas hunting adventure without having to worry about planning any of the details.  The rewards of this family experience can last a lifetime.