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ICC Trophy Whitetail Ranch
10100 CR 4028
Kemp, TX 75143

Office: (903)498-8778
   Cell: (972)742-4775

ICC Trophy Whitetail Ranch


What can we help you with...
    * A high B&C Trophy Hunt
    * Fun with family or first time hunters

If you are short on time but still want to hunt, we do it all... you just show up and hunt.  No worrying about filling up your feeder year round, or pulling vehicles and RV equipment to a location, hauling food and utensils...this is stress free trophy hunting at its best.

Our deluxe cabin offers luxury accommodations for you and your guest. When hunting the ICC Trophy Whitetail Ranch you can be rest assured you are the only guest on the ranch. Let us cater to you and your budget while enjoying a family Texas tradition.  This is an opportunity a Father and Son must experience at least once in their lifetime.  Let us help you make their wish come true.  

Fly into Dallas and you will be at our ranch in no time, only 45 minutes Southeast of Dallas. Definitely the best kept secret in this area of Texas!


Enjoy the outdoor pavilion where we cook for you.  Then a relaxing evening under the stars at the fire pit where all good buck stories are told time and time again.


Breed Stock Available:
» Bred Doe              » Open Does
» Stocker Bucks » Doe & Buck Fawns